Creation Of Universe

In our childhood days, school days, college days, when we are carefree, when we live in the world of dreams we wish, we hope, we see everything


serene, pure, clear, transparent, true and beautiful like the fragrant beautiful blooming flowers. We envision everything beautiful whether it is birth of


the living being or the creation of land & buildings, parks and palaces or any thing needed to survive in this universe. Dream is always to see a


beautiful world, a beautiful universe everything beautiful inside the heart, in the core of soul. But Alas ! irony of the universe, nothing is inevitable,


immortal forever. everything has to die, has to cease, has to turn around. We have to face disasters everywhere. what has born has to die, what has


been living peacefully has to face calamity. Catastrophe, Holocaust, Mishaps, Debacle all such tragedies are the only truth of Universe. So my soul


is tired of visualizing this unending disasters at the end of every creation. I get dejected, despondent, melancholy, depress and nervous just because


i am sensitive to preserve the existing beauty of the universe. My arts in Mixed Forms are my original dreams which I have tried to express on papers


in varied colours and expressions. But what ever be the extent of disaster creation is going on, as disaster, creation is also inevitable. And this


creation give us Hopes, Enlightenment , Rejuvenation and a new vision to see this universe altogether in a new creation.

Creation means hopes. Hopes of everything new, unexpected. such hopes comes from soul and positive energy maintained by your mind &


heart. Sometimes in complete dark when we have no drive and motivation some wave come into our soul which direct us to meet someone or to do


something which we never expected in normal times and our actions as per that wave change us forever. It is also proved in life many a times and in


the life of many people who come into my contact. Sometimes you yourself rejuvenate your motivations & drives after a gap of 3–4 years when you


touch the deepest level of despondency. There you find a ray in dark to restart yourself and you really restart with full force and energy with a


renewed motivation & drive. It is also proved in many spiritualist and people of great soul. So Creation not only at science level but also on the


spiritual level change the people forever through hopes.


So I always lead a dual life. One the one hand Disasters all around through earthquakes, floods, all kind of natural calamities  & human created


terrorism & diasasters I get severally nervous & depress even for many days. I always felt that no one is there who can make this world a beautiful &


wonderful place as ever before. But gradually with passing time I felt I am getting to feel very minutely the beauty of nature at the dusk & dawn,


morning glory, serenity of full moon night , drops of dew on leaves in early morning, colorfull rays of the rising sun, bells of the temples, a beautiful


starting noise of people starting again after a deep sleep, chirping of birds, beautiful activities of small cats & dogs & pet animals like rabbits and a


whole new feel when i see kids going to schools in uniforms dicussing something all my childhood discussed unaware of the reality of this cruel


world. So everything started changing in me. Jogging tracks & parks started calling me again, playing grounds & meeting halls started haunting me


again. My creativity & sensitivity started to pressure me to hold pen & brush again. I started to love everything again. Though it’s a fact that noone


can return me the innocence of my first liking & love, innocence of first attachments & affections, obcessions of first likings & deservings but still


something again changed inside and after a few days of facing all such debacles & despondencies I come out of all all the dark & gloom and start


loving everything in a new way with a new innocence and with some new colors.


So Creation Of Universe is always important though Disaster is inevitable and painful. Everything going into the process of creation is giving a


meaning to life and this Universe. So my Arts are Original Creations on the nature’s creation in my vision & dreams

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