Journey Of Soul

We are at a journey of life. Our emotions not only flowing from heart but also a medleys of emotions of our near and dear ones, emotions of our friends and relatives, emotions of our mentors and preachers. We get sorrowful on the sorrows of others. We get happy on the happiness of others. Why it happens ? As because we get a link of ‘Soul’.


We are at a journey of life but at the same time our soul is also at a journey. Sometimes we unexpectedly dreams something amazing , something weird, something like a life story directed by someone on a big screen. All such sub conscious thinking had a deep link with our soul and journey of soul. Without this journey we can never do ’premonitions & Intuitions’ ‘Research & Explorations’ ’Emotions’ & ’Tears’.


So I have given an ‘Image’ of an emotional sensitive female figure to my ‘Soul’. It’s not a physical appearance but a shadow of myself lingering and lurking over my past foregone days and forgone emotions, relations, dreams, expectations, wishes, hopes and my happiness.


Whenever I close my eyes and go into my subconscious stage I feel distractions, dejections, melancholia, loneliness, despondencies and a very weird feeling of nothingness, blankness, vacuum inside my soul. My heart start succumbing and causing feather like lightness in my body as I have no energy, strength and power to consummate ‘present’ even a little.


My soul had dreams, had my childhood imaginations, ideas, fancies, had my teen age fantasies, had young age ecstasies, having lingering adulthood, now facing ageing agonies, contemplating premonitions of old age loneliness & melancholia—A journey of soul continuing from my past life, continuing this life any may be continued to the next life. Death is inevitable but journey of soul is immortal & non ending.



What good happen to me If I gain the whole world but losses the soul . I always try to keep winning my soul and I always try to listen what my soul say. All my past has foregone forever but all the touching moments, foregone dreams, hopes, wishes , and my fantasies always remain in my soul.


I always put heart and soul in my Arts & Poetries which are nothing but a soulful memories of my journey. The time when things happen never be noticed but once time passed all such incidents, moments, memories, experiences, start recollecting in our soul. And soul intimates heart and mind to put all such recollections onto papers forever .


So certain questions always haunted me. What is soul, what is the meaning of life when nothing is immortal, why death is inevitable ? I always feel a wave of deep pain into my soul & I always look towards the sky to get replies. But I always get only one reply. Oh Dear ! It’s ‘JOURNEY OF SOUL’

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