Paradise On Earth

The Cool breeze whistling through the larch and firs, pines and oaks, ice-cold sacred streams of holy and sacred rivers merrily gurgling over boulders and rounded pebbles, birds doting the azure orange blue multi color skies full of wallowing clouds and down below valleys of quaint towns and sturdy hill side village huts and hamlets, towering temples on hills and mountains taking everyone’s breathe just on thinking the architectural dangers behind such construction on the top of the mountains after passing through narrow ranges of old sandy streets and roads below the mountains on one side and thousands feet deep valleys on the other side of such streets make us believe that only nature can give you such paradise on this earth.


The melancholy beauty of deserts, the plateaus of sands, the absconded forts, the solitary splendid palaces, mellowing stately homes, deserted pinnacles, isolated ancient temples, sensitizing historic stretches of turmoil & turbulence, art decor palaces, vividly testifying the glory of royal kingdoms, wide stretches of sand domes, sand huts, sand hills, sand colored forts and sand valleys, heart throbbing shows of wandering minstrels, warbling flutes and euphonious over desolated songs of forlorn tribes causing unresistant impulse of mix stings of curiosity and interests that only nature can give you such paradise on this earth


Lazy sunbathing, wind surfing and snorkeling along the wide stretches of serene sea shores and beaches, far distant in the sea and wide rivers marine boats playing with the waves and high tides, fishermen carrying and sailing far deep into the sea with their long & wide fishing nets, a wide unending stretches of enlightened candles on horizon mixing the sky and earth throbbing the heart like bubbling waters, long repetitive waves stroking against the mountains, beauty of resort ships and racing boats lured everyone to think that only nature can give you such paradise on this earth.


Different shades of atmosphere and environment in seasons of spring, summer, rains, autumns, pre winters, winters, different shades of sky at different times of dawns, early mornings to mornings , afternoons, evenings, late evenings, early to late nights with waning & waxing moon skies, different moods of wave of winds & water, different shades of rays of sun & moon make you think thousand times that only nature can give you such paradise on this earth.


Whenever I was on long journeys and travelling I always felt as someone unknown is pulling me hard towards an unknown world and losing me into a world of large screen , me and heart throbbing scenes. No cameras No flash lights, no candle lights, no moon or sun lights, but something in me scanning that beauty forever and storing it deep into my soul traveling through my eyes and heart. All such beauties of nature’s paradise is still locked in my soul & heart. So I believe that only nature can give you such paradise on earth.

Aditya Kumar Daga


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