Astrology :


Astrology is The Study Of The Movements and Relative Positions Of The Celestial Bodies & Their Supposed Influence on Events And Characters


Numerology is The Study Of The Numbers To Find Out The Hidden Mysteries And Magical Effects And Influence of Those Numbers On The Subject


Palmistry is The Study Of The Contents Of Palm-Lines, Mounts, Signs, etc and Reveals The Past, Present And Future

Herbal Therapy

Treatment Of Various Physical & Body Ailments Through Natural Herbs, It’s Roots, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds is a very Strong Herbal Therapy Which Give Long term solutions of any disease


Vast u Is The Study Of Nature Which Has Numerous Hidden Source of Energy To keep The Atmosphere Of Offices, Land and Buildings, Flats & Houses Calm and Progressive.

Spiritual Science

Spiritual Sciences is the study of Effects of Meditations, Yoga’s, Mantras, Yantras, Tantra’s and Various Mysterious Occult Sciences

Gems Therapy

Gems and Their Various Forms of Yantras, Rings, & Extracts are The natural Source of Energy and have Tremendous Healing Power of Various Incurable & Chronic Diseases.

Do U Have Any Incurable Diseases :

Chronic Colds
Headaches, Sinusitis
Debility, Impotence
Cancerous Ailments

Are You Suffering From

Mental Problems
ENT Problems
Heart Problems
Respiratory Problems
Stomach Problems
Sex Problems
Back Problems
Legs and Feet Problems
Hysterics Problems
Body Problems

Are You Getting….

Tired Of Court Cases
Long Time Trifling
Break-Ups in Love & Family
Disputes in Partnership
Disputes in Land & property 

Are You Facing…

Hidden Enemies
Family Problems

How to get….

Your Love Partner?
Successfull Marriage?
Higher Education?
Path Of Carrer?
Successfull Ventures?
Progressive Job?
Financial Success?
Timely Promotion?
Join Aditya’s world of  Spritual Science And get Solutions Improve Your Life. let’s try once with me to improve yourself
Email :

Professional Consultancy Charges :

For Brief Anaysis USD 20 INR 1100/-
For Three Questions USD 40 INR 2100/-
For 5 Questions USD 60 INR 3100/-
For 7 Questions USD 80 INR 4100/-
For Detail Analysis USD 100 INR 5100/-
For life Time Analysis USD 200 INR 11000/-
For Combo Analysis through all methods separately USD 250 INR 15000/-
Combo analysis includes Astrology details, palm details, face details, handwriting details and body signs where ever on the body

Ways of Communicating me :

Send Your Birth Details
Attach you palm Prints of your Both hand
Attach You close up of Face, Body and any Body Sign where ever on the Body
Attach your Hand writing at least five lines written by both hands  separately.
You may send all all the details together.
If you plan for Architectural correction as per spiritual sciences called vast u then you have to send design & layout of your land, flat or house or area. A total package fees of preparation  & recommendations is Rs. 21000/-
Please note no free services because I provide these services for my specific purposes of wider network of mankind and human welfare for unprivileged people.

For Payment :-

  1. Direct online payment in my Account no. 03821000029440 in favour of Aditya Kumar Daga HDFC Bank 31 G.C. Avenue Branch, Kolkata-700012 India
  2. Or through paypal through my link Payment Through paypal
  3. Or send Draft in favour of Aditya Kumar Daga 3C Gopi Bose Lane, First Floor Kolkata-700012




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