Creation Of Universe

In our childhood days, school days, college days, when we are carefree, when we live in the world of dreams we wish, we hope, we see everything serene, pure, clear, transparent, true and beautiful like the fragrant beautiful blooming flowers. We envision everything beautiful whether it is birth of the living being or the creation of land & buildings, parks and palaces or any thing needed to survive in this universe. Dream is always to see a beautiful world, a beautiful universe everything beautiful inside the heart, in the core of soul. But Alas ! irony of the universe, nothing is inevitable, immortal forever. everything has to die, has to cease, has to turn around. We have to face disasters everywhere. what has born has to die, what has been living peacefully has to face calamity. Catastrophe, Holocaust, Mishaps, Debacle all such tragedies are the only truth of Universe. So my soul is tired of visualizing this unending disasters at the end of every creation. I get dejected, despondent, melancholy, depress and nervous just because i am sensitive to preserve the existing beauty of the universe. My arts in Mixed Forms are my original dreams which I have tried to express on papers in varied colours and expressions. But what ever be the extent of disaster creation is going on, as disaster creation is also inevitable. And this creation give us Hopes, Enlightenment , Rejuvenation and a new vision to see this universe altogether in a new creation.

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