Kids Creative World

Kids Creative World is a Learn & Practice Book. Blend of Crafts & Arts with varied materials of crafts & many kind of colors & mediums as one will see in my present Book ‘Kid’s Craft World’ give beautiful heart taking effects in Arts. Selection of different base, medium, type of sketches, Arts, Designs & Colors everything matters and kids have to be very visionary and careful in that selection. Blending & Making Arts with crafts and various new & waste materials make a totally new world of beauty with dazzling & splendid effects Though it is a difficult task in beginning but very easy to adapt gradually. Material Used in Arts Base Like Jute/Denim/Canvas/Rubber Cloth, Paper Boards or Card Boards or Woods Plaster Of Paris or Clay or poly clay,Raw Paraffin Wax & Color Wax,Waste Materials like props,Pieces of Soft Cloth,Bonding Materials,Twinkling Colors,Poster Colors,Fabric Colors,Water colors,Dried Colors Color Dust,Sparkles,Model,Props. Process of making creative arts are very simple but needs lot of advance thinking, ideas and creativity. Select Your Medium & Base for Painting like Canvas, Jute Cloth, Denim Cloth, Any Other Cotton Cloth, Rubber Cloth, Leather cloth, Poly blends or any type of cloth you like. Use your work Area as per your imaging arts and put some colors to verify it’s absorption & effects on your base materials Put some dry colors and rub softly to verify it’s effect with soft piece of cloth. Put raw wax and bonding materials with raw cotton and other usable material to verify best effects for making few new items . After such verification & color test now start with your creative arts . Certain Important Tips now for making creative Arts. Use raw cotton for making clouds. Use waste materials for making different small models Use colors as per your own imagination of scenery & colors Use twinkling Colors You make grass, and leaves with threads & cloth pieces Use Water color at some places to give hazy & smooth effects Use fabric Colors at some places to give dense & shine effects. Use twinkling’s & sparkling to give dazzle effects. Let the plaster of Paris dry properly at some places Use some bonding material with plaster of Paris Some Arts may need mixed colors to give garden effects A few Arts may need ready small animals & models & props. Use some laminating liquid or Polishing materials to give transparency. & shine. Aditya Kumar Daga

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