Kids Dream World

Kids Dream World is a collections of my original Arts on Dream Effects. These are the Arts with some inner meanings as every dream has some inner meaning. As well as these are the arts for Kids to learn and practice. Every parent or teachers or friends shall gift this book to aspiring & creative kid. Such Arts with ‘Blur Effects’ sometimes called blurred Arts. So called Arts as one see in Dreams. Always note tears, memories , imaginations and dreams blur the eyes. Sketches, Arts, Design & Colors get hazy and unclear as seen in mist Clouds or in darkness at early dawn. Making Arts with such effects is truly a difficult task because it need lot of practice. Note Everything in dream is hazy but shining. This is the most amazing factor of the dreams. It seems as we are envisioning some true object or story or incident but in a different atmosphere not like or similar as we see when we are awaken.such dream atmosphere or surrounding is hazy or cloudy or misty but clear & transparent, shining & blooming. Whenever we see dreams it seems everything is happening or seen at a very wide canvas or in a very wide horizon or very long & wide piece of universe everything so wide and so big that it is beyond imagination in normal times when we are at awaken position. In dreams everything appear as it is appearing from no where sometimes very near to us but sometimes very far to us. Recollecting such dreams are truly a difficult task because there are only two character of dreams that is either it will be in your memory as a flashback permanently or it will disappear just at the point when you get awaken from sleep and you fail to recollect what you have envision just a few moments before in your dreams. It’s very difficult to say why it happens. May be because Dreams are our flashback of many experiences or what ever we see or like or deserve or expect or love to have. Or sometimes dreams are our journey of subconscious mind. Dear kids for your simplicity I am explaining you what is subconscious mind. sometimes you feel to weep or laugh or to eat something even after proper lunch or you sometimes feel to get affection or feel pain for someone and when ever you go to sleep all such feels or realizations come into your mind automatically. Now when you go to sleep you take time for a deep sleep. During this time of getting into sleep and going into deep sleep you cover some period of shallow or half sleep. At such stage a part of your mind start recollecting your experiences, your memories, your enjoyed moments and start depicting it into your mind in different ways. So you see many kind of dreams. There are many other factors beyond this simple interpretations of dreams but majority of dreams happened due to this one factor that is journey of sub conscious mind during the period of your half sleep. Other Interpretations you will learn as you will grow. Now to dream and imagine and to exhibit or copy such dreams & imaginations into arts & paintings is really a creative work needing your much concentration. I wish you all great success in making such “Arts Of Dreams’.

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