Sambhav ho jata jag gati sa


I always wished that love is so pure and a matter of soul that it shall always be out of any outer force and shall flow like a natural life force. “Sambhav ho jate jag gati sa” is a Hindi Original manuscript of myself where I have try to put the complexities of relations and love where we can’t be together forever but love to each other so deeply and so platonic-ally that never wish to be separated. Love is not a matter of body and sex, erotic imaginations and bodily satisfactions, lust and lascivious sensitivities, sexual ecstasies & fantasies. Love is pure like pearl, like dew, like tears, like our natural life force and so it shall always be flow like it without any domination’s, obstacles, outer interventions, presumptions and assumptions. It may flow like sweat breeze like mild waves in between any two relations.

Will you be ever able to feel my emotions is a book in Hindi poetry for all Hindi knowing people around the world and who like expressions of soul and heart as pure as can be.


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