What Astrology all about:-

Astrology And Horoscope

Horoscope Analysis & Interpretations with Results, Reviews and Advices.

Horoscope Reading in Detail is not only a simple art but it is a very Complicated Science where lot of things to be taken care of.

When ever I make analysis I take care of :

Ascendent Horoscope

Moon Sign Horoscope

Sun Sign Horoscope

Niryan (Vedic) Horoscope

Chalit (Vedic)Horoscope

Sayan (Vedic)Horoscope

Hora (Vedic)Horoscope

All Sub (Vedic) Horoscopes like :

Trishansh , Panchmansh, Saptansh, Navmansh, Dashmansh, Dwadshansh,
Drekansh, Sodshansh, Shastiyansh,
Chaturthansh, Indu Lagnansh.

Altogether 18 Horoscopes and Vedic Ashtakvarg, Signs, House & Planets Power in respect to each other besides their Degrees at the time of Birth, Inmicability & Affinity of Planets & Signs with cross Horoscopes and All the Periods & Sub Periods as per Vishmotri Dasha ( even Asthotri if required in specific cases), Yogini Periods & Sub Periods and Signs Periods & Sub Periods.

After all such analysis I provide final results So for me it is not a simple game but a Matrix of numerous factors. More a person experienced in this Analysis better he could derive results.

Since last 30 years I am going on researching, gathering, analyzing this field and so try to give near to perfect results.

I not only stop here . I make a separate analysis as per Numerology and as per Palm Lines in Palmistry.

I make a full synchronization of all the three results and including my Intuitive direction provide any results which go on modifying and correcting your life

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