Dragon Head & Tail (Rahu-Ketu)

Rahu in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th House (Dragon’s Head)

Rahu in 2nd House

Effecting 6th House, 8th House, 10th House, Ascendent that is First House. Now it will have a damaging effects on Ascendent (First House). But on 8th House though Subject will have mysterious, unknown, problems and death but it will also bestow some hidden treasure from some Ancient Place or Wood a feather in the boon. It will have a Positive effects on 6th and 10th House as in 6th house Subject will have an edge on Legal matters in his favor and in 10th House Aspect it Give a Political Rise unexpectedly. However Be Carful in judgement because it again depend upon the Zodiac Sign in the respective house.

Friendly signs in 6th House and 10th House like Aquarious, Virgo, Gemini and Libra will definitely gain additional power and bestow Many good opportunities in life. On the Other Hand these Signs in 8th House and 1st House will minimize the negative factor and all mysterious problems and will increase the Intutive Power of the Subject.

Rahu in 2nd House will definitely destroy the Capital and Property whatever Subject earn or accumulate in life once definitely, may be repetitively.. But in friendly Sign it will reversely help in accumulation of the capital both from the Good Source and Bad Source.

However Rahu in 2nd definitely emerge to give or take Subject’s whole Property due to Past Life Deeds

Rahu in 4th House

Rahu from this house effecting directly 8th House, 10th House, 12th House and 3rd House. Now in Vedic Shastras Since 8th House and 12th House are the House of Torture, Miseries and Troubles so all these effects will be seen in Acquirng Fixed Propery like Land, Flats etc as well as Relations with Mother and Father in law will be strainous mysteriously that is the actual reason behind it can never be known

However aspect to 10th House and 3rd house will be good as It has an affinity and friendliness. There will be New opportunities in Work, and politics due to aspect on 10th House and good relations with younger brothers and sisters who help him suddenly financially.

Rahu in 4th House in it self is never good as it distort the relations with Mother and Father in law and create mysterious troubles in acquiring Property. But now it again depends upon it’s Degrees and Zodiac sign in which it is situated or expecting. Imicable and friendly Signs always radiate it’s Power positively and cooperates the subject.

Rahu in 5th House

Now From 5th house Rahu is effecting 9th house, 11th House, Ist House and 4th House. All the 4 Houses will be disturbed mysteriously. 9th house will disturb Spiritualism even if one tries to his best, 11th house aspect disturb the Earnings and the right way of Earnings, Ist house disturb the Mental as well as Overall Health and 4th house disturb the family peace and acquisition of Property.

However if this aspect is on friendly sign and Constellation then the Sitution remain Neutral. , No such untoward happening will happen . However Rahu in 5th House in itself is very very damaging to the Progeny and Issue. The Child will be questionable unless Rahu there s found in friendly Sign and constellation. However some proof has gathered that even in friendly Sign Rahu don’t do any good due to power it gathers and with that Power it always do Negative.

Rahu in 7th House

Rahu from 7th House is Effecting directly 11th house, Ist house, 3rd House and 6th house. Now unless and untill These Houses are not occupied by friendly Signs and Constellations these Houses specially Ist house will not do good . Some how all the Plannings whether Matrimonial Planning, Business Planning or Partnership will be negatively affected due to Suspicion on Earnings (11th house) or due to Subject’s Health (Ist House), or Due to Brothers and Sisters (3rd House) and Due to Enemy (6th House)

However it will neutralize if these houses are occupied by friendly Signs and Constelation.

Rahu in 7th House in itself disturb the Family life mysteriously and without Reason. However it is sole responsible for intercaste marriage here and in certain circumstances a long durable marriage also but it always happen when this house occupied by friendly sign like Aquarious, Gemini, Virgo and Libra and Constellation of Adra, Swati and Shatbhisha.

To be Continued………

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