About PalmistryPalmistry is a treasure island. It’s valuable hidden information act like a ready reckoner and able to reveal many secrets of life instantly. It is like Alibaba’s secret cave But one must know How it shall be open and enter. It’s like to gather mastery not only by seeking academic education but by one’s own intuitive powers. Intuitive powers are of two types one is God Gifted and one carry it from his or her Birth. Since his child hood he behaved odd and could reveal lot of surprising original well proved facts of life naturally and instantly. Second type of Intuition is gathered through Vedic Yoga and meditations in a specific and particular manner under close supervision of senior mediators Palmistry is a very surprising subject and sometimes people get shocked by the readings and findings. But Why and How ? Everyone try to analyze it. Actually it works due to Two major reasons :- The very first reason lies in the birth order and the Genes, certain new Born babies carry with their Birth certain strong Signs of happenings of their life as they have Reborn or their soul has reincarnated with a predetermined and pre fixed Life path. And all such Pre Fixed Life path is revealed through their lines and signs on their Palms, Feet’, Chest, Forehead etc. However in everyone’s palm Glyphs are always there since birth and it is due to genetic constitutions and it decide the major quality of palm and the person The second reason is scientifically proved pattern of Blood Flow as when blood start to take it’s course after pumped from lungs then it flow to wards Mind , carry all the sensations and graph of Mental vibrations and started approaching the Body parts where it comes First towards hand-shoulder-wrist-palm and fingers and blood returns from the tip of the finger again approach the palm and then get circulated through the body. Now during it’s return course it left all the vibrations and sensitivity graph on the palm in the form of palm Lines. So all the inputs mind give finally revealed on the palm.So it is said that except the major lines given by god at the time of Birth all other influence and minor lines change as the Mind vibrates or think . It depends on the basic education, guardianship, teachers, environment, struggles and love of the life which not the least but majorly frame the shape , color, quality of palm lines.So our ancestors always insisted on Good Food, Sound Sleep, Better Health, Fine Environment, Best Friends and many Traditional Ways of Living like Good Manners, Good Discipline in every sphere of Life and Good ways of leading the life just to keep the vibrations of mind good and ultimately to get a good impact on the Lines on palm called the Life building Lines.Palmists are the persons who whether by virtue of their genetic birth Quality or progressed learned intuitive powers get mastery in reading, analyzing, absorbing , such lines and it’s meanings not only superficially but by also through their inner eyes or called the eyes of their mind, heart and Soul.

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