Emerging New India


This Book is to encourage Students, youngsters, entrepreneurs lacking proper knowledge under one roof.This Book is my genuine effort to provide the correct guideline to everyone interested seriously to do something big. My sole aim is to provide a proper guideline under one roof to pace the commercial & Industrial work smoothly.All data & statistics, declarations, Govt. Policies, Estimates have been compiled from varied general public sources.I wish all the patron to move cautiously with a hope of best of the time ahead.This book is a compilation of Data from different sources for the benefit of mass and give or sold at the cost of bringing this book to the people

Despite so many incentives provided by the State & Central Government to set up an Industry; so many reforms made to ease the procedures of providing Licenses, Approvals, Clearances, No objection etc.; removal of so many hurdles related to Allowances/ Grant of permission of electricity, water & other infrastructural facilities there is no substantial improvement in the Industrial Growth Rate. The reason behind it: –

Unawareness on the part of new investors specially our Youth and new Entrepreneur
regarding the facilities provided by the Govt. and procedures of seeking such facilities.

Moreover there is a wide-spread ignorance among investors regarding where & how they
should collect proper information’s to start with and how to summaries available information if
any to set up a project. Even though there is a vast pool of information’s available through
different sources but of little use if such sources could not be tapped by the investors.

Till date no “Website” or “Book” is available which can guide the Investors step by step to begin
“to set up an Industry” or “to choose one option out of so many option regarding choosing up
of Land, Products, etc.

During the time of our project execution in last 15 years MCPL has come across the basic problem with most of the investors that they can not come to any decision out of so many alternatives related to selection of an industry, selection of a product, selection of Land, selection of Equity Pattern, Collaboration/Technology etc. And being set into a mess of so many raw information most of investors either turned down their proposals and if carried on then waste a huge amount of money at the initial stage of Project set up.

So this is the first attempt of MCPL to guide such Investors “HOW TO SELECT AN OPPURTUNITY.” This book is more emphasizing in How, Where, When & Why you should choose a project so that you could easily determine over one product/industry/location.I hope that my attempt to provide logical guideline would be appreciated by you.
Aditya Kumr Daga


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