Lost Soul


Acceptance’ – Shall I mean it if I never adapted to it. Speed of my mind crushed me a day. I was lying flat. A cover of white blood on me. And over to it something with a roaring speed again hit and grilled me. I felt happy . God helped me to be meshed as I wished when I was a kid in my first pure thoughts.

As I was obliging to some unknown, unseen, undefined shade of being dead or living, one more attack happened on me ! Oh sorry not on my body but on something invisible in me. Something hit me not from back or front but from above and from below me. Something squeezed me, started thinning me and started collecting my remaining white blood drops.

Just remember no Red Blood. as I had no Red Blood. I don’t know what is Red Blood and I have never seen my Blood being red. I remember my first look with my blank eyes over my first drop of white blood.. Ya you may laugh on me but I have no way to pursue you about my White Blood. Any day I will get my Red Blood I will definitely come to you to show it.

So I started my story with one plain word ‘Acceptance” and I shall start unfolding the intricate knot of this big thread ‘Acceptance’.

What I shall accept and why ? Do I accept my lost childhood? my lost teachers still like a shadow in my mind ? my lost class mates innocent pink shaded ? my lost places amazingly black and white in my memories? my lost schools best ever place to experiment my all kind of feels and love? my lost colleges amazingly my first place which taught me about my ego and dignity? my lost parents always sharing, caring and loving to me in all circumstances? my lost relatives who always loved me more then any one else? my lost emotions which make exorbitantly arrogant and lavish? My lost soul which forbidden me for everything lost and abandoned me with my body forever.?
My little girl, my love, my soul can never be named by me. She was ‘Neelkamal’ sometimes ‘Aditi’ sometimes ‘Monisha. I finally named her my ‘Lost Soul’ foregone forever.
Aditya Kumar Daga


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