Out Of Mind


Product Description

Mind is very confusing and sometimes block the thought process of the persons. Why It happens. After lot of spiritual thoughts I come to a conclusion that every person has a strong feeling of wanting anything which he or she require or has a very strong wish to happen something in his or her favor.
From childhood’s wishes, fantasies, & hopes, teenage age confusing & burning desires, passion, sensuality, infatuations, yearnings & cravings ; Youth age sexual appetite, lust, carnal passions, desperations, monetary desperations, blind desires of flying high; Adulthood’s expectations for survival & social recognitions , and finally longings of peace and intimacy, Spiritual renunciation with advancing age to the lingering death there is only one truth that everyone is having Wanting & Desires. This wanting, desires, passion, cravings & yearnings causing lot of complexities, confusions, depressions, in one’s mind keeping him or her OUT OF MIND. Less of expectations from life, family, society, God or oneself more will be the happiness. But How. Many persons ask me how I shall come out of these confusing, blind & burning desires, cravings & expectations to keep myself contended & satisfied. How one shall differentiate Confusions with Realities. How one shall achieve his focus, contentions & happiness. I have tried to reply many such confusions based on my many years of counselling and advisory services to many confused and depressed persons of all ages without differentiating gender, caste or creed.

If any one getting ‘Out Of Mind’ ? Then this is a ‘Must Read Book’. This is a ‘Journey of Mind’ from “feeling lost’ due to non ending confusions to ‘acceptance’ of realities of life. This book is not going to teach you reason and moralities on why, when, How you lost yourself in the wood of random confusions, complexities, melancholia, sorrows, loneliness and ecstasies. This book starts where you ends. This is a must read guide to restart yourself from the point where you finally stopped . Because I believe that sun is going to rise again. Once you get out of Mind a flow of soul power enters into the blood and re energizes your whole body and actions. It’s true and realized by all the people lost somewhere in this big universe.

About the Author

Author Aditya Kumar Daga Lyricist, Poet & Artist & composer by soul, Counselor, Astrology, Palmistry & Numerology Adviser, Project Consultant since 1986 till 2016 30 Years faced lot of turmoils, volatility, losses, depressions, sorrows, loneliness, melancholia, despondency, failures, miseries, social rejections, misunderstandings continuing to defame & introversion,Ups & downs, mergers & splits and lot more. But when I look back my own tragedies somewhere enlighten the life of others. because what i have learned in such turmoils simply passed on to the disturbed souls and tried honestly & genuinely to rejuvenate, rebuilt 7 recreate their energy, strength & life. I always thanked God for giving me all such turmoils as God teach me essence of life and death. It make my life easy even in between all such life volatility to carry on again and to assist others to make them strong to carry their life again after all kind of miseries, sorrows and pain. So I always though that their is a definite morning in one’s life as this is the pattern of Creation Of Universe and this the Journey Of Soul and this the only way of knowing Confusions Vs. Realities once you are getting Out Of Mind.

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