Astrological Perspective of Korona Virus(Covid-19) & Viral Flu

Astrological Guidance on Viral Diseases like Korona Virus, Swine Flu, Dengue, Any kind of Severe Flu Generated Cold & Fever.

It is on high talk now that all these diseases happen due to carelessness of the subject and extreme Care as per Doctor’s advice will keep the patient safe from catching Viral diseases.

True, Very True But there is also an other side of the curtain : Why to only a few or specific person such Flu Generated Fever, Cold and Sever sickness happen even in the Crowd or Family or Community.

It is not necessary that even if your Immune System is Strong it will not take effect or
If your Immunity is weak you will immediately catch this sort of Flu and Virus.

Sometimes even for a few moments or days if your Immunity drop to a particular level you might be infected.

I have come across lot of incidents where a Person is very Strong by Personality, Will Power and Physical Appearance but prone to such diseases consistently.

And also a Person very Weak, Timid by Personality and Lean by Physical Appearance but very Strong to resist all such Diseases.

Why? Why it happen ?

Naturally there are lot of Astrological reasons behind this. I am trying to enumerate a few here though there are lot of complicated calculations and reasons for this.

Those reasons are :
Who Catches such Viral Diseases most frequently :-

Persons Born in between 28 Degree to 2 Degree of any Zodiac Sign.

Persons whose Lord of Ascendant is situated in 8th House.

Persons whose Lord of Moon Sign is Situated in 8th house from moon.

Persons whose Lord of Sun Sign is situated in 8th house from Sun.

Check your Ascendant, Moon Sign and Sun Sign which ever is weakest if further influenced, Situated with or Aspected by Dragon Head or say Rahu.

If your Ascendant or 2nd House and 12th house has very low Points in Astakvarg.

If a Person has ultra weak Mercury like combusted and Retrograde or weak in Points.

If a Person have all Such above written Points in any of 6 Sub Horoscope.

Any Person of Certain specific Zodiac Sign like Taurus and Virgo where the Lord are further effected and weak.

Any Persons of Certain Zodiac Sign like Gemini and Leo where the subject is very very weak for First 20 – 25 Years

Any Persons of Certain Zodiac Sign like Cancer and Pisces where the Lord or sign or both are severely and badly influenced by Saturn , Rahu and Ketu

Any Persons of Certain Zodiac Sign like Libra and Aquarious where Sun is totally damaged or negatively influenced.

However People with Rising sign Ascendant or Moon Sign Aries and Sagittarius are less prone to all such diseases except the Lord of Ascendant or Moon Sign is situated in 8th House which is an exception. But it is Generally Found that if there Mars is tremendously disturbed then they also become prone to such situations.

Now this list is not least and there are lot of secondary reasons also underlying the Prime reasons.

Feel free to contact if you have any query.

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