A Few Invaluable Suggestions in Vedic Shastra

Importance of Cow in Vedic Shastra
Besides Astrology one shall always take care of a few things and out of all such care   Care, Worship, Donations, Service To Cows is the foremost and above everything in this world as in our Vedic Shastras it has been proved that Most of the Sin carried forward from the Past Life or happened in this life knowingly or unknowingly can only be modified or neutralized by these four things only.
Caring  of Cows.
Worship of Cow.
Donations to Cow.
Service to Cows.
In our Vedic Shastras it has been proved that there is really something invisibly immortal & divine in the cow. As 
Touching feet of Cow
Putting Tilak of Soil where Cow is Standing.
Feeding a cow with Grass or prepared food.
Touching forehead of Cows.
Gives tremendous Soul Relief, Peace of Mind, Progress in the Business & Family, Safety & Security of Children & family members.
Cow take all Omen and bad days & period on herself even to the point of her death. It’s extremely amazing and proved in millions of Incidents in Indian families.
So always love & worship Cows as Lord Krishna did and most of the God did in their times. Still if properly served a Cow represent herself as KAMDHENU.
White Natural Agates
White Natural Agate Necklace – A cute for all patients suffering from High Blood Pressure and Poor Concentration. It soothes as it synchronize the energy of the Body.
Not only this it is a very favourable item of Lord Goddess Mahalakshmi as per Vedic Shastras and any who wear it or keep it with  him or herself get her blessings in the form of Prosperity, Money, Earnings etc.
It brings serenity in Mind and make the conscience pure so that a person can be saved from lot of unknowingly done sins.
This Necklace provides Pure Siddhi ( A magical enchanting power of Attraction) if Religious hymns to be recited on it. 
So besides Any Astrological Sign or factor one may wear it. Just once wear it and realise it’s. Power.
Turmeric Seeds Necklace
Yellow-Red Natural Haldi Seeds Necklace – A very rare thing to rejuvenate your whole body.
Wearing this Necklace means to eradicate around 200 diseases from the Body.
As our Vedic Shastras say : All body ailments happen due to three body elements : Kaff (Water), Pitt ( Fire), Vayu (Wind) : If any of the element get More or Less it start creating problems and since other elements has a relation of friendship or enmity with each other everything stars disturbing. Permutations & Combinations say : This factor of inter relation of these 3 elements results into numerous undefined, unrecognized, unexpected and sudden body problems.
This Necklace has a natural element of Healing. It heals everything and create, develop & boost the immune capacity of the body to resist any outer or inner attack of Virus, bacteria or any unexplained element. So it is a basic Key of Better Life, Happy Life and Healthy Life.
Together with this it also increases the prosperity and wealth as this is the nature’s first choice to activate Omkaar  Sadhna. Any one want to make Lord Vishnu ( a form of Omkaar) as per Vedic Shastras happy then this necklace do wonders. Worship and enchant your Religious Hymns on this Necklace to get God blessings
Moon-Shiva Pendent 

Any one suffering from any problems related to Nervous System,  Brain/Mind/Head troubles, Stress & Tensions of any kind specially Kids, Adolescent Children, Studying Girls and working women shall wear it compulsorily. 

Any one want to fulfil his any of his desire, ambition, aim or dream must wear it and realise the magic. 

Always wear it on any Monday. Always chant the mentioned Mantra :- Ohm Rudraaye Nameh Shivaaye Nameh – 21 Times Daily Morning( 6 Am – 7 Am) and Evening ( 6 PM – 7Pm). 

Be blessed with God Blessing

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