Astrology is The Study Of The Movements and Relative Positions Of The Celestial Bodies & Their Supposed Influence on Events And Characters


Numerology is The Study Of The Numbers To Find Out The Hidden Mysteries And Magical Effects And Influence of Those Numbers On The Subject


Palmistry is The Study Of The Contents Of Palm-Lines, Mounts, Signs, etc and Reveals The Past, Present And Future

Herbal Therapy:-

Treatment Of Various Physical & Body Ailments Through Natural Herbs, It’s Roots, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds is a very Strong Herbal Therapy Which Give Long term solutions of any disease


Vastu Is The Study Of Nature Which Has Numerous Hidden Source of Energy To keepThe Atmosphere Of Offices, Land and Buildings, Flats & Houses Calm and Progressive.

Spritual Science:-

Spiritual Sciences is the study of Effects of Meditations, Yogas, Mantras, Yantras, Tantras and Various Mysterious Occultic Sciences

Gems Therephy:-

Gems and Their Various Forms of Yantras, Rings, & Extracts are The natural Source of Energy and have Tremendous Healing Power of Various Incurable & Chronic Diseases.