Aditya Kumar Daga

Versatile Experienced Senior Consultant in Projects & Brand Marketing
Lyricist, Poet, Composer & Artist, Researching in Vedic Text & Astrology 
Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist, Face & Body Reader, Vast u Consultant
Rudraksh, Herbal, Vedic Mantra, Yantra & Tantra Therapist And  Healer
This is only Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and other branches of spiritual science like Face Reading, Hand Writing Analysis, Body Signs Analysis, Physical Traits Analysis, Foot Lines Analysis, Meditation, Yoga etc etc where you will get reply of those typically confused & complex questions which normally you failed to get solve or be solved.
Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry By
Such Complex Questions start when you get shock from destiny without any of your fault and then you start realizing that there is some super power, Some environmental string or something which you are unable to recognize which is controlling your day to day life or life on occasions or intermittently and that something may be your “destiny” or may be your “Negative Energy” or may be so called “Lord” or “God” or some “Super Natural Power” but till you start realizing it there get much delay and you loss many a things till the time of realization in your life like your valuable human relations, your valuable Assets, Valuable friendships, Valuable family relations, valuable supreme health you were enjoying, and many a things.
So Everyone ask only one common question early or later in Life whether he or she is controlled by some destiny and is there any one who can read this destiny and foretell their fortune. Then We say Yes definitely .At least we are not God but some how applying our Intuitive Power, Experience, Knowledge gathered in last 30 years in our journey of life and we can share certain tips of getting your destiny predicted or can foretell your fortune as far as possible. No Astrologer is 100% accurate but we could try to achieve accuracy with our deep analysis and intuitive powers.
Astrology, Numereology, Palmistry By
Such Common Questions in everyone’s mind are
  • How to recover financial losses,
  • How to come out from downfall,
  • How to recover from your business and trade losses,
  • How to achieve & maintain good marriage life,
  • How to sustain love affairs & convert it into matrimony
  • How to maintain Sex life, get Children and sustain the married life
  • How to recover from chronic diseases, health disaster, chronic illness,
  • How to recover from bad times, disasters, social Dejection, Loss of Reputation
  • How to face legal matters, Litigation, Court Cases,
  • How to recover from depressions, melancholia, stress, tensions,
  • How to maintain business partnership, make Business agreements, big deals
  • How to ace family disasters, loss of family members, accidents,
  • How to face enmity, prejudices, biases,
  • How to make foreign connections, tours, settlement abroad
  • How to make spiritual enlightenment, meditation and yoga to upheaval life.
  • And many other questions. And such complicated & complex Questions are replied By Aditya Kumar Daga in most explicit & clear terms in
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I have provided many guaranteed solutions in last 30 years of my service
You will be surprised with the results on simple solutions & Simple practices of such astrology solutions.
My solutions are very specific and related to Vedic Mantras, Yantras, Tantra enriched yantras in special cases, Mantra Enchanted herbs, Mantra Enchanted Rudraksh, Mantra enchanted Vastu Yantras and many Mantra enchanted Herbal Oils etc for removal of bad effects of malefic planets or increasing the strength of benefic planets or simply to rejuvenate your life
You may take direct appointment or email me your details of Birth or may email me your hand prints of both palms with your phone no and address.

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