Gems Therapy

Do you want to change the course of your life?
Empower your potential with the correct gemstone and feel the difference

You can improve your life and your chances of success in important areas of life such as career, relationship, health and wealth. By Vedic remedial process all this is very much possible with the use of the correct and most required gem stones.

Choose your Gem stone

Ruby – 3ct To 7 Ct , Indian & Imported Price – Rs. 400/- To Rs. 4000/- Per Ct
Ruby is symbolic of good health and vitality; makes one full of vigor and fearless. A strong Sun in the horoscope predicts fantastic career potential. Ruby signifies the planet Sun also known as ‘Ravi’.
Pearl – 3ct To 7 Ct , Indian & Imported Price – Rs. 100/- To Rs. 1000/- Per Ct
A strong Moon gives mind power happiness and conserved wealth. Pearl signifies the planet Moon also known as ‘Chandra’.
Red Coral – 5ct to 12 Ct Price – Rs. 200/- To Rs. 2000/- Per Ct
This gem blocks laziness also fires up energies that drive a person to great heights of success. Red Coral signifies planet Mars also known as ‘Mangal’.
Emerald-3ct To 7 Ct Indian & Imported   Price – Rs. 1200/- To Rs.4000/- Per Ct
This gem enhances intelligence and sharpens the business senses. Emerald signifies planet Mercury also known as ‘Budh’.
Yellow Sapphire-5ct To 9 Ct Indian & Imported  Price – Rs. 1200/- To Rs. 4000/- Per Ct
A most auspicious gem known to promote all round prosperity and power. This gem signifies planet Jupiter also known as ‘Guru’.
White Sapphire/Zircon – 5ct To 9 Ct Price – Rs. 1200/- To Rs. 4000/- Per Ct
A healthy and powerful Venus in the horoscope holds the key to a happy, beautiful as well as bountiful life; for men, an ideal & beautiful life partner. This gem signifies planet Venus also known as ‘Shukra’.
Blue Sapphire – 5ct To9 Ct, Price – Rs. 1200/- To Rs. 8000/- Per Ct
A strong gem stones that gives rare perseverance and focus. It is a very strong planetary energy that gives power to go on when others have failed. This gem signifies planet Saturn also known as ‘Shani’.
Hessonite – 5ct To 9 Ct, Price – Rs. 800/- To Rs. 4000/- Per Ct
This gemstone relates to Rahu – a shadowy malefic but when strong can give success of very high order. Rahu instigates changes; while change is important for growth but a negative change can mean retardation of success.
Cat’s Eye – 5ct, Oval, Fine Price – Rs. 800/- To Rs. 4000/- Per Ct
From times immemorial it has been the gemstone that wards off ‘behind the scene’ enmities. It relates to Ketu – the most unpredictable energy in the Vedic galaxy. However a strong Ketu gives keen understanding, great aspiration of life mission path & spiritual inclinations. A weak Ketu can mean disaster prone life.