Birth Numerology

Your Whole Life Is Revolving Around The Vibration And Effects Of Your Birth Numbers. Your Birth Numbers 1 to 31 or Your Fate Numbers Derived Through Your Date Of Birth & Month & Year Has A Mysterious & Powerful    Effect Through Out On Your Life

Horoscope Numerology

Celestial Bodies Called The Heavenely Bodies,7 planets 2 Shadow Planets, and 3 Distant Planets, all Have Their Own Numbers Similarly Each Zodiac Sign & Houses Have it’s Own Specific Numbers. All Have A Complete Effect On You Through Out Your Life On Your, Health,Happiness, Carrer, Profession, Love, Marriage, Death, Everything

Alphabetic Numerology

Kabala + Hebraw Kahala

Kabala, The Study Of Unit Numbers (1-9) and The Study Of The Composite Numbers  (10-22) Are The Two Most Important Ancient Secret Of Occult Knowledge. Under Kabala Unit (10-22)Number is Assigned To Alphabet While in Hebrew Kabala Unit Composite Number Is Assigned As the Alphabet Progress From A to Z.

General Advanced

In General Numerology not Only Stand For the Basic Numbers as Per Your Birth Date But also As per Your Principal & Nick Name. Each Alphabet Of Your Name & Nick Name Has A Specific Number & That Number or Resulted Number Gives Complete Direction To Your Life Whether Good Or Bad. Numerology Assist In Decision Making Process very Deeply & People Have Been Seen In Past to get The Tremendous Growth & Success Through Numerology 

Pythagorean + Phonetic

The Phythogrean And Phonetic System Are The Other Two Kabala System Of Numerology Studies. Phythogrean Numerica Studies Shows The Literal Values Of Numbers i;e The Numerical Power Of Letters as Written While Phonetic Systems Of Numbers Denotes The Power Of Numbers in Sound of Alphabetic Pronunciation.