What is Palmistry ?

Palmistry hold the secrets of our Past, Present & Future in the Palms of our Both Hands-Left Hand being called the Birth hand OR Fate hand or the Lines scripted due to the Past deeds of a Man or character are the predispositions that are inherited & The Right hand called as the Hand of Activities OR The hand which reflect individuality, potential, and flexibility OR The Hand Of Present Life OR Work Life? Since Ancient time it a question of great mystery and analysis that whether these mysterious lines traced on our hands are the blueprint of Our Character, 0ur Fortune, and our Destiny?

How Palm Analysis Works ?

Palm Analysis also called Palmistry or Chiromancy is a very ancient Art even more then 1000 BC. Prehistoric caves in Many Countries have the Designs & shapes Of Hands drawn on their walls with technical details.Rule Of Reading the Palm has been found  in Ancient India in The Form of “Samudric Shastra” “Chandra Shastra”, “Hasta Shastra” and or “Aang Shastras” and also in  Semitic Writings Of Greek philosophers in 384-322 BC, who were great Palmist Philosophers and well-versed in the use of palmistry For healing the Human Problems.

What Palm-Analysts Believe

Palm-Analysts believe that everything encrypted on Palm from Colours to Lines, From Mounts to Signs From Designs to Patterns in an individual’s hand, if analyzed deeply & scientifically and properly can reveal the events of the past, present, as well as future of the person. Various other factors Effect the Reading like the Nails, Shape of Palm, the shape and length of the Fingers, Flexibility Of The Fingers and Palms, The Thumb’s position, The Mounts, and other qualities. In some palmistry traditions, palm readers also examine the characteristics of the